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5 Parasols For Your Ideal Summer

Time : 2021-08-26 Hits : 31

Do you want to have a garden or balcony makeover?

Do you need new ideas for decoration?

Do you need a parasol to protect you from sun and rain?  

5 different Sekey Parasols with multiple function.

If  you need a parasol in your lovely garden, check our parasols on SEKEYMALL.COM!

Wooden parasol - z33330 & z33321

A Wooden parasol suits well for gardens with flowers. And these are two of our bestsellers. The mast and struts are made from selected solid wood, which adds more classical charm in your garden.


z33330’s diameter is 300cm, 250cm high.


z33321’s diameter is 200 x 150cm, 235cm high.

With the help of a solid rotation joint, these two parasols can be easily bent by 30 degrees, thus also offering protection from the low lying sun.

Square parasol - z399213

If you got a small garden or balcony, z399213 may meets your needs. It is a square parasol which can fit well in an apartment balcony.


The z399213's diameter is 200 x 125cm and is 235cm high and also can be easily bent.

Cantilever parasol - z399301


This parasol's diameter is 300cm and perfect for outdoor-restaurant or any open-air buildings. You can simply push, lift and crank the parasol to the ideal position.

Pattern parasol - z399180

This pattern parasol is 216cm high. The patterns are printed on the inside so you can enjoy all the vivid colors while relaxing in the shade. 


There are also gray, green, blue for your choice and the pattern of each color is different.